Lab Meetings


Date Speaker/Guest Title of Event
2/25/22 Dr. Victor Kuperman Talk at SLS Symposium: Reflection of the language background and proficiency in eye-movements while reading texts in English as second language
3/2022 Coffee and Cognition Intersection of psycholinguistics and assessment
4/15/2022 Coffee and Cognition The processing of L2 multimodal input roundtable


Date Speaker/Guest Title of Event
10/1/2021 Coffee and Cognition
Using corpus tools for psycholinguistic research (in collaboration with the Corpus Lab)
10/15/21 Dr. Tania Leal
Acquisition of L2 French accusative pronouns by L1 Spanish speakers: Feature matching does not equal convergence
10/28/21 Coffee and Cognition
Guest talk by Dr. Judit Kormos titled “Working memory: Can we make it work for inclusive language teaching?”
11/12/21 CogSLA Lab at UIC (Director: Dr. Kara Morgan-Short)
Joint lab session on implicit language aptitude
11/19/21 Coffee and Cognition
The intersection between assessment and psycholinguistics (in collaboration with Testing & Tasting group)
11/23/21 Alexandra Schulz
Implicit and explicit knowledge among young EFL learners: The case of Austria and Sweden